We have created a guide to help English Speaking families in France who are having to cope with the death of a loved one. We hope that you never need this guide. Losing someone you love is tragic. When this happens abroad there may be cultural or language barriers that make it even harder. Whether you are a long term resident in France, have a second home, or are a visitor on holiday, we have endeavoured to answer as many questions as possible and hope this helps in a small way to make the coming weeks and months a little easier.

We would like to thank Pompes Funèbres Gallienne Dominique in Gorron, Franck Haloche and the wonderful team at Allianz in Ernée, The Church of England via Anglican France, and the team at Mayenne Crematorium. All of whom have been generous with their time and kindly welcomed our new venture. They support English Speaking Families at their worst time with kindness and patience.

We would especially like to thank the generous contributions of members of Normandy Neighbours, Mayenne Group for English Speakers and the Mayenne Business Network. Their members generously and bravely told their stories and helped shape this guide. Using their worst moments and experiences to help others.

You can download the full PDF here.